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  Flexible Piping & Ducting Specialist

expansion joint Thorburn Flex Inc is an industry leader in the cost effective design, development, manufacturing and supply of ultra-high quality custom flexible piping and ducting systems which are used for solving specific pipe and duct motion problems.

Thorburn Flex Inc offers unmatched capabilities and expertise in applications engineering, design, development and manufacturing processes. Targeting Thorburn's resources allows its core technology to be leveraged into hundreds of demanding applications.

Our people have turned Thorburn into a lean manufacturing company. We are flexible and ready to respond instantly to customers needs with products andservices unique in our industry.

Our engineers use advanced software to identify thermal and mechanical stresses to assist in failure mode investigation and analysis.

We are committed to a policy of continuous development and research to provide flexible piping products that set the industry standard for quality, safety, durability and ease of handling.

R&D programs are implemented to improve and cultivate new technologically superior products, processes and manufacturing tools.

To support our global presence, Thorburn Flex Inc provides our clients with specialized field services such as installation supervision, quality control inspection, training, outage planning, expansion joint counter measure repair and installation.

Our Company is known for its products but our success is the result of our Employees and partners who's combined capabilities and commitment to excellence build value for our customers.

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