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Rubber Expansion Joints

rubber expansion joint Spherical Arch Rubber Expansion Joints
Thorburn's precision engineered spherical arch rubber expansion joints are manufactured with multiple plies of tire cord fabric encapsulated with synthetic rubber and molded in a hydraulic press. Materials are fused into an inseparable homogenous mold. Spherical Rubber Expansion Joints are constructed with a lighter wall achieving higher pressure ratings and a lower deflection force.

rubber expansion joint Mighty Spool 42HPW
Thorburn’s 42HPW is a wide arch design 42HP Series Rubber Expansion Joint. This high quality expansion joint has been completely re-engineered to do everything the traditional 42HP series can while providing improved strength and flexibility.

rubber expansion joint Mighty Spool 42HPXX
Thorburn’s 42HPXX is a heavy duty extra high pressure rubber expansion joint. The design incorporates high tensile calendared fabrics and specially designed metallic reinforcement embedded in the carcass. It is specifically designed for applications that require extra high pressures up to 300 psi (20 bar) and is available in a variety of elastomers to suit various medias and extreme ozone charged environments.

rubber expansion joint Mighty Spool 55HPWX
Thorburn’s 55HPWX is a modified arch profile with a special filler compound to reduce the spring rate to two times the 42HPW open Arch Rubber Expansion Joint.

rubber expansion joint Mighty Spool 62HPV
Thorburn’s 62HPV is specifically designed to address the requirements of lightweight, low movement forces found in plastic and FRP piping systems. Most spool type or spherical expansion joints are too rigid and have too much resistance. The unique characteristics of Thorburn’s 62HPV Rubber expansion joints provide a technically superior product that has incredible low force flexing.

rubber expansion joint Concentric & Eccentric Reducer Expansion Joints
Thorburn’s 42HP-CR Concentric Reducers & 42HP-ER Eccentric Reducers are designed to replace sound transmitting metal reducers. Pipe wall sound is that is carried through the piping system is absorbed when entering the rubber joint. Fluid born noise is absorbed by volumetric expansion which cushions water hammer and smoothes out pumping impulses.

rubber expansion joint Condenser Expansion Joints
Thorburn’s Rubber Condenser Expansion Joints are a cost effective product to replace fatigued metal turbine to condenser expansion. The condenser expansion joint forms a continuous air tight connection around the perimeter of the steam turbine exhaust duct leading to the condenser. It is capable of absorbing thermal movements and misalignment between the turbine floor and the condenser wall.

rubber expansion joint Pipe Connectors & Fittings
Thorburn’s pipe connectors & fittings are used in lines requiring resistance to electrolysis, corrosion, abrasion and water hammering. They are made from multiple layers of cross woven fabric with calendared polyester or fiberglass fabric. Built with evenly spaced, heavy duty helix spring wire that withstands pressures from full vacuum to 1000 psi.

rubber expansion joint Ducting Expansion Joints
Thorburn's rubber ducting expansion joints are custom built and designed to provide stress relief in ducting systems by absorbing movement caused by thermal changes. Used primarily for gas sealing in ducting systems, proper selection of materials is important to ensure long term performance. There are two basic design types for rubber ducting expansion joints, elastomeric FDR (operating temperatures under 400ºF) or composite FDC (operating temperatures above 400ºF).

rubber expansion joint Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
Thorburn’s 42 IRPB pressure balanced expansion joints are specifically designed for an in-line piping arrangement that requires the elimination of pressure thrust and movement loads from the adjoining piping system or sensitive equipment. Thorburn’s 42 IRPB is an alternative to metallic in-line pressure balanced bellows expansion joints, which are susceptible to failures from corrosive media, cyclic loading conditions and solids collection in the thin walled metallic convolutions.

rubber expansion joint Easy-Flex Series 301EF Expansion Joints | Download Brochure |
Thorburn’s Easy-Flex Series 301 EF rubber expansion joints are capable of absorbing movement in all directions (axial, lateral & angular), unexpected shock, ground settling and induced movements caused by pumps, blowers or other agitating equipment. Easy-Flex Series 301EF have interlocking flanges which are compatible of mating with lap-joint stub ends, raised face or flat full face type flanges.

rubber expansion joint PTFE Lined Expansion Joints
Thorburn’s PTFE lined rubber expansion joints are specifically designed to resist corrosive attack at elevated temperatures and pressures where metallic, plastic or standard rubber expansion joints are inadequate. Crystallinity is carefully controlled resulting in higher flexibility and tensile strength. In addition, no pigments or additives are used which can leak out and cause a failure of the expansion joint or piping system.

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