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Metalic Expansion Joints

metallic expansion joint Single Flex Bellows Expansion Joints
Single-Flex Metallic Bellows are specifically designed for piping or ducting applications requiring limited absorption of axial and lateral movements. Where small thermal movements are involved and proper anchoring and guiding is feasible, Thorburn's Single-Flex "SF" series expansion joint system provides the most economical installation. Single-Flex is the base member of Thorburn metal expansion joint family, consisting of a bellows element and end fittings.

metallic expansion joint Dual Flex Bellows Expansion Joints
Thorburn's Dual-Flex "DFU" consists of two bellows joined by a common connector called a spool pipe. However, unlike Thorburn's double joint Model "DFP", this connector is not anchored to the structure. This permits Thorburn's unrestrained universal expansion joint "DFU" to absorb any combination of three basic movements: Axial, Lateral and Angular. Model "DFU" is used where these combinations or single direction movements are too great to be handled by Thorburn's Single-Flex single joint.

metallic expansion joint Dual Flex Restrained Expansion Joints
Thorburn's Dual-Flex model DFT expansion joint is made up from two single expansion joints connected by a piece of pipe called the center spool. Tie rods are then attached on the outer ends to span both the bellows and the center spool. This type of construction allows the bellows of the piping to absorb both lateral and angular deflection while restraining the pressure thrust in the piping system.

metallic expansion joint Hinged Restrained Metallic Expansion Joints
Thorburn's Hinge-Flex joints are typically used in sets of two or three, to absorb pipe movement in one or more directions in a single plane piping system. Each individual joint in the system is restricted to pure angular rotation by its hinges. However, each pair of hinged joints, separated by section of piping, will act together to absorb lateral deflection in much the same manner as Thorburn's Dual-Flex universal expansion joint in a single application.

metallic expansion joint Series GF Gimbal Expansion Joints
The construction of a Gimbal Expansion Joint incorporates a pair of hinges connected to a common floating gimbal ring. This type of construction provides for close control of the movement imposed upon the bellows and at the same time can support the dead weight of the system. Wind loading and shear loads are also transmitted through the gimbal structure. Other advantages include low forces and elimination of pressure thrust on adjacent equipment.

metallic expansion joint Loop Seal High Temperature Expansion Joints
Loop Seal Refractory Lined Expansion Joints can be supplied with lining purge nipples, protective insulating covers and special thermical packing for dust applications. Thorburn's Round High Temperature Expansion Joints are designed in accordance with the 9th Edition of the standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (E.J.M.A) for use in dust collection and fume extraction duct systems. The pressure ranges are ±5psi, temperatures to 1800°F (982°C) depending on materials.

metallic expansion joint Bed Transfer High Temperature Expansion Joints
Bed Transfer High Temperature Expansion Joints provide proprietary ash sealing and are rebuildable for easy maintenance. Bed Transfer Exp-ansion Joints are specifically designed to isolate up to 50mm (2 in) of axial movement and ± 200mm (8 in) of lateral deflection between the furnace wall and the striper cooler wall and are able to withstand abrasive combustible media at temperatures up to 1100ºC.

metallic expansion joint Series EFS/EFD High Pressure Expansion Joints | Download Brochure |
Thorburn's Extra-Flex EFS single expansion joint is normally located near an anchor at one end of a long piping run. Model EFS expansion joint should be placed with the fixed end adjacent to the anchor. Thorburn Extra-Flex double bellows "EFD" may be considered as two single "EFS" expansion joints mounted back-to-back and connected by a common casing. Thorburn Extra-Flex expansion joint can be directly buried in steam and condensated service.

metallic expansion joint Series IPBU Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
Thorburn Model IPBU Universal Series Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints are used where the location of installation prohibits main anchors. IPBU in-line pressure balanced expansion joint will absorb thermal expansion while eliminating the pressure thrust loads on a piping system without a change in direction of the piping. The unique design of the IPBU consists of a constant volume device which is created by the addition of a balancing bellows in which the cross-sectional area is exactly twice the cross-sectional area of the line bellows.

metallic expansion joint Series IPBE Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
IPBE Expansion Joints are an in-line, externally pressurized pressure balanced expansion joint. This type of expansion joint is capable of long axial movements at high pressures and at the same time eliminates pressure thrust forces on the system. Main anchors are no longer required. Based upon the principles of mechanics and hydraulics, when no volume change occurs, then all pressure forces remain constant and there are no forces out of balance. Thus the pressure thrust that would normally be present in a piping system containing an expansion joint is eliminated.

metallic expansion joint Series PBEU & PBES Crossover Expansion Joints
Thorburn Series PBES Sing-Flex and PBEU Universal are custom designed pressure balanced elbow or tee expansion joint systems. Crossover Expansion Joints are specifically designed to overcome the reaction load due to internal pressure acting against turbine casings, pumps, structures and other equipment. They are used at a change in direction of piping where a main anchor cannot be installed andto absorb axial and lateral motion while restraining pressure thrust.

metallic expansion joint Rectangular Expansion Joints
Rectangular Expansion Joints are designed in accordance with EJMA 9th Edition standards to absorb thermal growth, vibration and agitation in ducting systems. Rectangular Metallic Expansion Joints are the best design for gas turbine applications because bellows will heat up at a uniform rate to minimize thermal shock. The bellows will be close to the flue gas temperature at all times, providing that the bellows are insulated externally. This will minimize condensate and sulfur based acids forming in the convolutions.

metallic expansion joint HOT-FLEX PTFE Lined Expansion Joints
Thorburn's Hot-Flex combines the high pressure rating of a metallic expansion joint with the high temperature corrosion resistance of PTFE, creating a product that will outperform both. Thorburn's Hot-Flex metallic expansion joint system is an engineered product that was specifically designed to provide high pressure & temperature transfer containment of highly corrosive medias that could not be safely handled by conventional metallic, elastomeric or PTFE expansion joints.

metallic bellows expansion joint Heat Exchanger Bellows | Download Brochure |
Thin wall multi-convolution metallic bellows provide a flexible seal designed to absorb movement and neutralize stress in fixed tubesheet shell & tube heat exchangers.

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