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SPED Calgary - Society of Piping Engineers & Designers site visit to Thorburn Flex Inc

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  Over 50 Years of Flexible Piping Experience

expansion joint compensator Thorburn Flex is a proven industry leader in the cost effective design, development, manufacture and supply of ultra-high quality custom flexible piping, ducting and connector systems.

Operating under a strategy of global presence in niche application found in Power Generating, Petrochemical & Metal Processing industries, Thorburn Flex is structured to consistently meet and exceed customers expectations in quality, value and service.

Robert Thorburn

Our product line includes...

• Metallic, Fabric & Rubber Expansion Joints (compensators)
• Metallic & Rubber Hose Assemblies
• Quick Couplings, Fittings & Adapters
• Rigid Piping Systems | More Products right arrow

Thorburn Flex Inc provides specialized site services such as installation supervision, quality control inspection, training, outage planning, expansion joint counter measure repair and installation.

Our engineering staff can provide answers to piping and ducting problems by performing on-site piping stress and finite element analysis, measuring the results against the actual failure mode. Our services include...

• Stress analyses to verify design
• Assistance in drawing regeneration or updates
• Guidance in the installation & maintenance
• On-site consultation, engineering & training sessions
• Maintenance service during shutdowns & turnarounds
• Refurbishing, retrofitting, repairing & replacements

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