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SPED Calgary - Society of Piping Engineers & Designers site visit to Thorburn Flex Inc

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Metallic Expansion Joints
CANDU Nuclear Products
Metallic Hose Assemblies
Non-Metallic Hose Assemblies
Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
Fittings & Adapters

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Power Generation
CANDU Nuclear
Chemical Processing
Material Processing
Aluminum Smelting

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Pump & Storage Tank Rubber Piping Assemblies
Pump & Specialty Rubber Flexible Piping, Connectors & Expansion Joints
CANDU Expansion Joints
CANDU Hose Assemblies
PTFE Hose Assemblies
559TW PTFE Hose Assemblies
Composite Hose Assemblies
Arc Furnace Hose Assemblies
Furnace Door Hose Assemblies
Thorloc Pipe Clamp Connectors
NS71 Quick Couplings
NT52 Cryogenic Quick Couplings
NT72 Quick Couplings
NT82 Quick Couplings
NT92 Quick Couplings
NT803 Couplings
Met-O-Seal Couplings
Metallic Bellows
Heat Exchanger Bellows
O-Seal Unions
Retrofit Seals
Pump & Storage Tank Assemblies
Rubber Flexible Piping, Connectors & Expansion Joints
60TMH Rubber Flexpipe
Spray Shields
Hose Reels

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Extra Flex Expansion Joints
Tef-Flex PTFE Lined Expansion Joints
TLFP Flexible Elements
TLFP 14-7 Flexible Elements
K12 Flexible Elements
M12 Flexible Elements
KLF12 Flexible Elements
KLFC Flexible Elements
Zero Gap Expansion Joint Design
BootFlex Penetration Seals
42HPW Expansion Joints
42HPWX Ring Lugs
42HPXX Expansion Joints
42IRPB Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
55HPWX Expansion Joints
62HPV Expansion Joints
RV2 Fluoroplastic Belts
62HPV Expansion Joints

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