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Thorburn Flex Inc. QC Certifications

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Expansion Joints

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Quality System

  Highest Quality Standards - ISO 9001:2015

expansion joint compensator Registered Certifications:
ISO 9001:2015
ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.5 / CSA B51
ASME U Stamp
ASME U Stamp - National Board
CSA N285.0
CNCAN Romania

Thorburn Flex Inc provides each of our clients with exceptional Flexible Piping & Ducting Systems that are delivered on time, provide real value & entirely meet and/or exceed our clients expectations of quality, price and service.

Employees are involved at all levels of the organization and are dedicated, motivated and committed to insure a culture that facilitates the continuous improvement process which delivers total customer satisfaction. Each of our vendors must be committed to a mutually beneficial relationship that builds value for all.

In order to gauge the success and improvements in the organization, we continually establish higher and higher quality objectives that are tangible, measurable and most of all attainable. This process allows Thorburn Flex Inc to respond instantly to customer needs with higher quality products and services unique in our industry. The will to work within the continual process of improving ourselves now guides all of our decisions. Thorburn Flex Inc's Quality System is based on...


• NCA 3800
• NCA 4000
• NQA-1


• EJMA latest Editions


• ASME Sections III, VIII, IX
• Design: ASME Code Section III, VIII, B31.1/B31.3
• ASME Section II (Materials)
• CGA96, UL536, SAE517 and J343
• EJMA 9th Ed., Metallic Expansion Joints
• CRN for every Canadian province
• Comply with JIS & DIN Standards
• EN13480-2002: European Industrial Metallic Piping Standard
  & 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive)


• Radiography, dye penetrant & magnetic particles
• Acoustical impedance/noise emission testing
• Large diameter pipe simulating testing
• Burst testing up to 10,000 BAR
• Bellows fatigue & deflection testing
• Seismic and vibration analysis
• Impulse testing up to 680 bar at 204ºC
• Helium mass spectrometer leak testing