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fabric expansion joint

Fabric Expansion Joints

fabric expansion joint Flexi-Duct™ Expansion Joints
Flexi-Duct™ Expansion Joints are custom built and designed to provide stress relief in ducting systems by absorbing movement caused by thermal changes. Flexi-Duct™ Expansion Joints offer multi-plane movements in a shorter face-to-face dimension and have outstanding vibration and sound attenuation characteristics which will prevent premature system degeneration. Flexi-Duct™ Expansion Joints are a practical and economical system solution custom designed to meet specific requirements of each application.

fabric expansion joint Flexi-Duct™ HRSG Expansion Joints
Flexi-Duct™ HRSG Expansion Joints offer multi plane movements in a shorter face-to-face dimension. The ability to accommodate axial, lateral (in two planes), torsional and angular movements concurrently is an inherent capability of the expansion joint design. Flexi-Duct™ HRSG Expansion Joints use a wide variety of elastomers which can withstand temperatures up to 1200ºF and are a practical and economical expansion joint solution.

gas turbine expansion joint Flexi-Duct™ Gas Turbine Expansion Joints
Flexi-Duct™ inlet gas turbine expansion joints are designed to provide stress relief by absorbing movements caused by temperature changes, vibration and ducting misalignments. Flexi-Duct™ inlet gas turbine expansion joints incorporate a proprietary gas seal membranes with stand alone temperatures up to 1100ºC (2000ºF) and fly ash containment seals to keep ash out of the expansion joint cavity.

penetration seal expansion joint Bootflex™ Penetration Seal Expansion Joints
Bootflex™ non-metallic penetration seal expansion joints are a strong laminated seal that encapsulates a rugged helical, high tensile stainless steel spring coil which joins together two PTFE multi-directional flame retardant linings. With its TLFP/PTFE materials, Thorburn’s Bootflex™ is used on applications which require a high degree of inflammability and corrosion resistance. When exposed to an open flame, the product will not support combustion and produces very little smoke.

Flexible Elements For Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

gas seal membrane Series TLFP | Download Technical Data |
TLFP Flexible Elements are designed to provide longer lasting, maintenance free, life even in the most chemically aggressive industrial environments. It consists solely of PTFE resins and is unaffected by hydrofluoric gases at temperatures up to 400ºF.

gas seal membrane Series TLFP14-7 | Download Technical Data |
TLFP 14-7 is a 0.009" (0.23mm) multi-directional PTFE material that is laminated to a T1400 load bearing component. The multi-directional PTFE is capable of resisting the stress-cracking caused by flexing and severe temperature fluctuation in expansion joint applications

gas seal membrane Series M12 | Download Technical Data |
M12 Flexible Elements are designed to withstand a maximum continuous operating temperature (MCOT) of 600ºF without additional cavity insulation. It incorporates a multi-directional PTFE corrosion barrier that provides a non-porous, crack free surface.

gas seal membrane Series K12 | Download Technical Data |
K12 Flexible Elements are flouropolymer coated fiberglass fabric with PTFE laminated film on one side. It also incorporates a multi-directional, non-porous, zero porosity, PTFE corrosion barrier. It is engineered for wet/dry service and severe chemical and temperature exposure.

gas seal membrane Series KLF12 | Download Technical Data |
KLF12 Flexible Elements are made of multi-direction PTFE material that is capable of resisting stress cracking and severe temperature fluctuations. It has a maximum continuous operating temperature (MCOT) of 1000ºF and is made of PTFE coated.

gas seal membrane Series KLFC | Download Technical Data |
KLFC Flexible Elements are designed to withstand a maximum continuous operating temperature (MCOT) of 2000ºF without additional cavity insulation. It consists of a load bearing PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, a gas side multi-directional PTFE corrosion barrier, an inner 1/2” non-woven fiberglass thermal barrier and a ceramic fiber blanket supported by an outside layer of silica fiber. A vapor barrier and wire mesh are optional.

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